About me

I am a 30 year old DYI investor (married) who started my own investing journey since 2006 with the main purpose of beating inflation and generating passive income for retirement.

An average Singaporean son, not very smart in studies, from N level to part time degree while working full time through sheer hardwork. I believd if you have a strong will, you can still make it in life. Do not give up at any point of time!

My simple investment philosophy is to always buy asset at below NAV (Net Asset Value) or the lower the PB (Price to book) the better which also translates to a higher margin of safety in my personal view. I used quantitative ratio and statistic to decide my investment since I do not have time to monitor the management activities.

My life philosophy is always family first and money will always be last because its just a tool for me to provide a better life for my family.

At your final moments, it’s your family who will stay by your side and not your cash.

*Remember do not be a slave to money and do not delay happiness!*


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