About the fund

The primary purpose of this fund is to beat inflation and generate passive income through investing in financial instruments such as SGD denominated Equity, Bonds and Money market products to offset the family’s monthly expenditure without touching the principal.

My goal is to preserve my family asset through prudent investing and hopefully it will last for multiple generations. The benefinciaries of the asset are my parents.

We lived in a 3BR HDB since I am born until now and my parents slogged all their life to save up this retirement fund so capital preservation and liquidity is a priority. I will have to balance both when deciding my investment.

I am hoping this blog can contribute to the financial education blogging space by adding a different dimension when one is considering to invest for your family.

*Do note that the fund is not legally registered and the Net Asset Calculation (NAV) is calculated by me to serve as an indication  to track performance*

*The calculation may or may not be 100% accurate so please take them for an indicative value only and kindly do not ask me how to calculate since it is not the main purpose of this blog*


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