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Looking back at 2013 and looking forward to 2014

With 2013 coming to an end in a few days’ time, it is perhaps time to look back what I had achieved in 2013 and list down the New Year resolutions for 2014.

What I think are my top three achievements for 2013:

  1. Stepped out of comfort zone and took up a 1-year overseas assignment in Australia. [Life is too short not to experience while you could]
  2. After months of trying, we finally going to have our first child in 2014 [A god’s gift]
  3. Family portfolio is able to generate sufficient passive income with excess to cover my parents’ household expenses. [Able to maintain portfolio yield of at least 5% for the past 5 years]

Resolutions listed in order of priority for 2014:

  1. Continue to make extra efforts to spend more time with my family when I am back to Singapore. (Includes my parents, wife and extended families)
  2. Draft up a financial plan for my first child. (Expected to arrive in this world in early Jan 2014)
  3. Renovate my new BTO apartment and be ready to move in before Christmas day. [Finally, our very own nest]
  4. Review overall family expenses and continue to build a sustainable passive income stream to cover all fixed household expenses. [Using a single income of mine to sustain the family expenses is my final goal]
  5. Start my part time Master of Business Administration (MBA) program in the 2nd half of the year. [Getting a sponsorship from my company is the key]


Family will always be my top priority whenever I set my resolution; this is a big change of mindset as I used to think money is the most important thing in my life when I first stepped into finance industry. Do not be mistaken, money still important because I need it to survive but just that its no longer at the top of my list.

Just to share a real story, my millionaire auntie passed away in early 2013 at the age of early 60s due to stage 4 cancer, just very shortly after she retired from your civil service career. She was so looking forward to spend her retirement time travelling around the world after accumulating a substantial amount of fortune. Our families were with her all the time till her last moments and her last simple wish was to be discharged from the hospital and go home. We granted her wish and she passed away peacefully shortly after reaching home.

This incident affected me significantly and made me realized that we should never delay happiness and stop giving ourselves reasons like I am still young, I can do this or that next time. Who knows whether you will live to see “next time”? Example, if you want to kiss your mummy again after not doing it since you turned 18, do it now!! Hahaha.

Although I started this as a finance blog but I want to emphasize to my readers not to be too obsessed with the numbers of zeros of your portfolio value as this is just a small part of your life. Remember money will always be just a lifeless tool working for us and we must never work for money.

Pardon me as I may sound like an old man although I just turned 30 this year. Family and close friends will be there for you in time of crisis; kinship and friendship can never be replaced by money.

One day we will definitely regret if we happen to lose any of them because we are working too hard for money, spending countless of hours in the office to climb the corporate ladder and waste your life fighting the office politics.

As much as possible, we should always aim to have work life balance throughout our working life. Easier said than done but I believe that we have a choice in life to decide what’s the best for us.

Remember to put family time as one of your resolution for 2014 if you haven’t done so yet!

I would like to wish everyone to have a very blessed and fulfilling 2014.